Alex Epstein, energy expert and founder of the Center for Industrial Progress, is one of the world's most innovative champions of fossil fuels. Author of Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet, his writings have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Investor’s Business Daily, and hundreds of other publications. He has spoken about the economic and environmental benefits of fossil fuels at dozens of universities, including Stanford, Duke, Rice, and UCLA. He has defended fossil fuel energy in debates against Greenpeace,, and the Sierra Club.


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"Troublemaker" Alex Epstein confronts Keystone opponents on The Source with Ezra Levant:

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Obama Follows Nixon on Oil Spills | Wall Street Journal
Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet | e-book
A Moral Defense of the Oil Industry | MasterResource
Nuclear Power Is Extremely Safe | That's the Truth About What
We Learned From Japan

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Alex's speeches and seminars are known for engaging audiences with new insights about energy, environment, and communication.

Sample Topics:

“How Fossil Fuels Improve Our Environment”
“Taking the Moral High Ground”
“Energy Heroes”
“Fracking Amazing: The Real Story of the New Energy Revolution”
“Reframing the Debate on Fossil Fuels”

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American Coal Council keynote:

Fossil Fuels are the Food of Food:

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Alex has become one of the world's leading energy debaters, championing affordable, reliable energy against environmentalist icons such as Bill McKibben, Greenpeace, and the Sierra Club.

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Epstein to McKibben: "You're not a scientist"

What does Bill McKibben really advocate?
Debate at FrackNation After-Party

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Alex ‘s Debates:

Epstein vs. McKibben

CIP vs. Sierra Club

CIP vs. Greenpeace
CIP vs. Occupy Wall Street
Alex Epstein vs. Dino Ress at UW

To those of us who have made their career in the exciting but much maligned oil and gas business, there is great satisfaction in hearing Alex’s moral celebration of the industry. And he does this with colorful examples and principles that combined to educate and inspire. –Jeri Eagan, former CFO, Shell Oil Company

Alex is great to work with and his content is spectacular. He knows his stuff, but more impressively he brings the technical information home in concepts that his audience can relate to. I know that I can put Alex in front of any audience and he will inform, entertain, and keep their interest. –Bill Gilles

It would be an understatement to say that Alex Epstein has completely and absolutely changed how I think about energy. No longer do I feel guilt for enjoying the use of products powered by fossil fuels, in fact, I now embrace them. I now, thanks to Alex, see fossil fuels as a source of life rather than a source of death as is widely quoted by environmentalists. –Letter from a student

As a left-leaning attorney in Washington, DC, I hear people demonize fossil fuels all the time, but CIP has shown me that investing in oil is one of the more socially responsible things I could do. –Letter from an attorney